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REPORTS on Sporting Lifestyle Cities:

INTROSingapore – A high density city with sporting characters

Singapore has been evolving into a vibrant sporting lifestyle hub. This special report outlines the core pillars of the notable transformation of this high-density World City.    >> READ MORE

intro_cbdrunningMelbourne City – The emerging CBD-running hub

This report illustrates and analyses Melbourne’s emerging CBD-running culture that could potentially be incorporated into its inner-city liveability concept and its city identity.    >> READ MORE

Intro_Report3bThe Han River sporting lifestyle in Seoul

Seoul provides its residents with a network of riverside trails and clusters of outdoor fitness zones along its iconic Han River. This brief report gives insights into this noteworthy riverside sporting culture in this high-density megacity.    >> READ MORE

Chiyoda_Running_Report2 The sluggish CBD-running culture in Tokyo

This brief report explores Tokyo’s prospects, and challenges of ever becoming a globally recognisable CBD-running hub – an emerging trend in inner-city districts of developed cities.   >> READ MORE

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