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Singapore: Sporting Lifestyle Culture

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For many years now Singapore has been evolving into an increasingly vibrant sporting lifestyle hub. In order to inform the global audience of leading urban policymakers, sports governing bodies and sports and fitness advisory groups about the notable urban transformation of this World City, this special SPORTIFY CITIES report outlines the core pillars of Singapore’s laudable, egalitarian city planning approach to providing sporting infrastructure and public space for sports and recreation in this high-density urban landscape.

A range of socio-cultural, economic, environmental and political themes are discussed in this comprehensive assessment, highlighting the interrelatedness of various aspects of compact city living and the emergence of an urban sporting culture. Given the city’s long-term record of insatiable ambition, progressiveness and innovation, Singapore could in the near future be transformed into a City Sportification powerhouse – a Sportified World City with inspiring sporting elements.

The special report concludes by recommending greater inclusion of the locality factor and by underlining the marketability potential of a novel, distinctive Singapore outdoor sporting lifestyle identity.


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This report was first published in July 2016; updated in February 2017.





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