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SPORTIFY CITIES offers guidelines and strategies for Sport Urbanism and City Sportification.

In an effort to make cities healthier and more liveable in an era of rising urbanization rates and increasing densification of cities, it evaluates how cities manage to incorporate sporting places and spaces into their city planning.

By integrating socio-cultural, economic, technological, environmental and political themes associated with city living, SPORTIFY CITIES explores the prospects of creating successful and marketable Sporting Lifestyle Cities through its novel City Sportification approach.


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Singapore – A high density city with sporting characters

Singapore has been evolving into a vibrant sporting lifestyle hub. This special report outlines the core pillars of the notable transformation of this high-density World City.    >> READ MORE


The sporting clout of prime World Cities

World Cities are large population centres of global dominance and influence. On this basis, a novel conceptual framework of Sportified World Cities could potentially initiate a worldwide urban sportification.    >> READ MORE


Tokyo – The World City of public cycling

In this special report the key elements of Tokyo’s impressive public cycling culture will be assessed. Its high bike popularity levels have emerged despite the lack of bicycle infrastructure, presenting a viable alternative to the cost-intensive bicyclism approach.    >> READ MORE


Trends in the Olympic Medals Index among developed and emerging countries – A reality check

This brief report evaluates the elite sports success of developed and emerging countries at Summer Olympic Games.    >> READ MORE


Sweltering heat at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Athletes competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are expected to be exposed to extremely high temperatures. This report assesses the severity of the heat factor and presents suitable training acclimatisation options.    >> READ MORE


Melbourne City – The emerging CBD-running hub

This report illustrates and analyses Melbourne’s emerging CBD-running culture that could potentially be incorporated into its inner-city liveability concept and its city identity.    >> READ MORE


The Han River sporting lifestyle in Seoul

Seoul provides its residents with a network of riverside trails and clusters of outdoor fitness zones along its iconic Han River. This brief report gives insights into this noteworthy riverside sporting culture in this high-density megacity.    >> READ MORE


Osaka – The unexplored public cycling powerhouse

This brief report demonstrates Osaka’s impressive public cycling culture by illustrating its high bicycle popularity levels and discussing its surprisingly moderate provision of bicycle infrastructure.             >> READ MORE


The sluggish CBD-running culture in Tokyo

This brief report explores Tokyo’s prospects, and challenges, of ever becoming a globally recognisable CBD-running hub – an emerging trend in inner-city districts of developed cities.    >> READ MORE


Beijing Bicycle Lifestyle

This illustrative report outlines the recent rise of non-docking bicycle-sharing schemes in Beijing. The China-based companies, such as Ofo and Mobike, in particular, could potentially reinvent the bicycle commuting culture in this capital city and other cities worldwide.       >> READ MORE

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